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Production of semen after intercourse is normal, but if the production is a lot, it becomes unusual and may be associated with women vagina, which is when the women need to do something with themselves. Some women did not realize that the production of semen is related with their fertility system.

The best ways are:

The woman should pull her knees together to her chest in order to prevent her semen from trickling out from her vagina.

Erection of rear position with women in front is also appropriate to ensure that the wanted semen get through into the vagina.

Early fertile time is the production of mucus like uncooked white egg.
This happens because the eggs are in a growing and waited to be fertilized.

48 hours later, the women will feel a little tickle at her placenta that indicates 'ovulation process is happening'.

So, sexual intercourse is highly recommended to be done on the first day you realize there are some clear mucus discharged from vagina until the next 2-3 days after the ovulation (sexual relations can be done on alternate day), the possibility to get pregnant is 15% in a month.

Be positive and always calm your mind (no stress). Stay positive, hope and pray every time you are having your sexual relation while taking this pregnancy program.


Child is a priceless gift. Each married couple will have a dream to have their own child, either to make the family tree become bigger or simply to have a symbol of their marriage. Child also a symbol of love between husband and wife. However, some of us are not lucky enough to have a child although so many ways have been taken either traditional or modern methods. Naturally women will blame themselves for not being able to give her husband a child. But now, both men and women are aware that the failure to have a child is also caused by the husband's fertility. Lifestyle and surrounding are one of the causes which effect male fertility. Be it men or women, we have to accept the truth openly and try to find a way to solve this problem. There are seven things that men should avoid in order to help them to improve their fertility naturally.

Male fertility is in good condition when kept in not too high temperatures, ie several degrees lower than normal body temperature.

Bath a too hot water and wear tight or synthetic pants will make penis heat up and affect sperm production.

Studies conducted by the University of Southern California proved that the pressure continues when cycling can damage arteries and nerves located in the penis. By choosing ergonomics bicycle can avoid such pressure.

Studies by the Department of Physiology, Medical College of Ohio shows that stress can decreased male testosterone and sperm production.

Affected by radiation and chemicals can damage sperm and reduce sperm quality and may cause genetic damage to children.

Ask your doctor what the side effects of medications that you are taking for your sexual relationship. Some medications, including drugs for high blood pressure, cancer and even bacteria infection can cause fertility problems and decrease your sperm quality.

Research shows that men who smoke produce fewer sperm and most of the sperm are defected than men who do not smoke. You should stop this habit because your wife and children are becoming passive smoker.

Avoid unhealthy food and replace them with healthy vegetables, fruits, grains, milk and lean meat. Thus you will be healthy enough to become a father.

Pengeluaran air mani selepas bersetubuh adalah perkara biasa, namun jika pengeluarannya banyak itu telah menjadikannya luar biasa dan mungkin ada kaitan dengan wanita itu mengemas atau mengemut faraj, yang menjadi amalan kebiasaan wanita selepas bersetubuh.

Cara paling bijak ialah :
Untuk wanita itu mendekatkan kedua-dua lutut ke dada untuk mengelakkan air mani daripada keluar sambil melegakan pembukaan faraj supaya air mani mendap ke dalam faraj.

Posisi menyalurkan ereksi dari belakang dengan wanita menyujud juga sesuai untuk memastikan yang air mani dipancut ke dalam. Beberapa minit kemudian wanita itu boleh tidur mengiring.

Hubungan kelamin dilakukan pada waktu subur

Waktu awal subur ialah tanda pengeluaran lendir yang semacam putih telur yang belum dimasak.

Ini berlaku kerana telur dalam keadaan berkembang dan menunggu masa untuk menetas.

48 jam kemudian wanita itu akan terasa imbasan sengal di paras atas ari-ari yang menandakan ovulasi.

Jadi, jika hubungan kelamin dilakukan dari mulanya lendir jernih keluar dan seterusnya sehingga 2-3 hariselepas tanda ovulasi (hubungan kelamin boleh dilakukan selang-seli atau dua hari sekali), kemungkinan untuk hamil ialah 15% dalam sebulan.

Positifkan minda anda, tenangkan fikiran (jangan stress) serta sentiasa berniat dan berdoa agar berjaya hamil setiap kali melakukan hubungan kelamin dan sewaktu mengambil Program untuk kehamilan ini.

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