Tuesday, June 29, 2010



1) SUPREME DIET ~ RM90.00 (W.M)

Helps to improve absorption of important nutrients.

Contains more than 20 enzymes, minerals, nutrients and vitamins needed.

Drink 1 sachet in late evening or 3 to 4 hours before bedtime.

Do not eat carbohydrate diet during dinner, such as rice but it is suggested to take protein such as fish, vegetables and fruits.

If you are too skinny, consume Supreme Diet after lunch and dinner. If your weight has increased to an ideal weight, reduce to 1 sachet a day. If you are not pregnant, but weight has increased, please follow the cleansing program by taking D'Toxy
2)WOMAN LOBATA ~RM138.00 (W.M)
To help women with unbalanced hormones problem.

Not to be taken during menstrual, pregnant women and women under 21 years of age.

If there is cyst or tumor, you are encouraged to take Noni Chewable Tablet to strengthen the body system and removes cyst or tumor naturally.

If you are diagnosed with endometriosis or fibroid or any disease that related to the blood you cannot consume Woman Lobata but replace it with Noni Chewable Tablet.

How to use : Take 1 sachet every night before bedtime without adding water. Put it under your tongue before you drink water. Milo or Horlicks powder can be added to remove the undesirable taste.

3)IGC GOAT MILK ~RM98.00 (W.M)
Goat's milk is proven nutritious and more effective compared to cow's milk. According to studies, goat's milk has more nourishment in healing and preventing internal diseases. It also helps to:-

Strengthen bones (especially pelvic bone)

Strengthen the nervous system

Suitable to consume in the morning and night before sleep

Works to repair damaged cells and activate weak cells.

Suitable for those who are experiencing fibroid, cyst, endometriosis and problem related menstrual circulation.

Stabilize the hormone system.

* For those who are suffering the illnesses mentioned above, it is recommended to take Noni Chewable Tablet 3 times daily (3 to 4 tablets) after meals. At the same time, you also have to drink IGC Milk at least once a day for prevention.

5)NATTO-K ~ RM69.90 (W.M)
It produces enzyme and taken from fermentation process of soybean. This enzyme loins practiced by Japanese society because of its benefits;

natural antibiotics,

preventing osteoporosis (bone decay)

enhance fertility (male/female)

Contents : calcium, potassium, folic acid, fiber, iron, lecithin, vitamin, amino acids and manganese .

How to use : 3 @ 4 tablets per day for those with problem

1 @ 2 tablets per day to maintain.

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